Verify a CNAME Domain

Your CNAME domain may display as Unverified if the domain has expired or you are no longer the owner of the domain.

Domains Page (List View)
cname status unverified table

Domain Page (Grid View)
cname status unverified grid

Domain Attributes Page
cname status unverified

When the CNAME domain is STATUS Unverfied, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Domain provider where this domain is hosted.

  2. Create a TXT record for your domain with the Name and Value EDJX provides.
    For example,

    • Name:

    • Value: 01234567-abcd-9876-12a3-123456789abc

      cname verify steps

  3. Hover over the domain name on the Domains page or navigate to the Domain Attributes page, and then click Verify.

Verification could take up to 48 hours, depending on the domain registrar’s DNS propagation for TXT records. Once verified, the STATUS will change to Verified. If the EDJX platform cannot verify the domain after 48 hours, the domain will be marked Unverified. Repeat the verification steps presented on the Domain Attributes panel. If you have issues, please submit a support ticket.