Create a CNAME Domain

When you create a CNAME domain, you must be in the organization view that the domain will reside.

To create a CNAME domain:

  1. Switch to the organization associated with the domain.

  2. Click Main Menu  Domains.

  3. Click Create Domain.
    The Domains page displays.

  4. Do the following:

    1. NAME: Enter an FQDN. For example,

    2. DESCRIPTION: Enter text that describes your domain.

    3. CNAME: Select the checkbox.

    4. Click Save.
      create domain cname
      The Domain Attributes page displays with the STATUS as Unverified.
      cname status unverified

  5. Navigate to the Domain provider where this domain is hosted.

  6. Create a TXT record for your domain with the Name and Value EDJX provides.
    For example,

    • Name:

    • Value: 01234567-abcd-9876-12a3-123456789abc

  7. Navigate to the Domain Attributes page, and then click Verify.
    Depending on your service provider, nameserver association could take up to 48 hours.