edjx organization read

Provides detail about a specific organization.

You must know the Organization ID to execute this command.
edjx organization read <organization-id>


organization-id         The Organization ID of the organization you want to read.


  1. Check the associated organization.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx show selected-organization
    Organization Name: Org2
    Organization ID: 54fd5c4e-f48c-4579-8bcd-311355d37ca4
  2. Copy the Organization ID and use it with the organization read command.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx organization read 54fd5c4e-f48c-4579-8bcd-311355d37ca4
    Name                Org2
    Organization ID     44139590-4fba-426d-9d2f-df85c2d151c7
    Nodes               2
    Buckets             4
    Domains             1
    Applications        3
    Created             2021-10-24 15:19:29.61 -0700 MST
    Last Updated        2021-10-24 15:19:29.61 -0700 MST