edjx function read

Displays detail for a specific function.

You must know the function name to execute this command.
edjx function read <function-name> [flags]


function-name     Name of the function to read.


-a, --application <application-id>         Optional. The Application ID that the function is associated. Overrides the current application.

Example Output

root@edjx:~ # edjx function read new-function-demo
Name                new-function-demo
Function ID         b5cbcc82-70af-4198-b271-ce1acbbb6720
Execution URL       https://601d8002-6e95-4c6e-a704-927999912345.fn.domainname/project01
Trigger             HTTP
Language            Rust
Runtime             WASM
Timeout             5s
Memory Allocated    128.0 MB
Compute             1 GB-SEC
Network             1 B
Requests            0
Created By          username
Created At          2021-11-05 13:13:57.952 -0700 PDT
Last Updated        2021-11-05 13:14:04.326 -0700 PDT