edjx file read

Displays the details about a specific file.

You must know the file name to execute this command.
edjx file read <file-name> [flag]


file-name         File name to be read.


-b, --bucket <bucket-id>      Optional. ID of the bucket associated with the file.

Example Output

root@edjx:~ # edjx file read back.svg
Name                back.svg
File ID             d950755e-0b04-42b5-aa35-a11e6e4a7125
Default Version ID  f36b2c8b-7f89-459a-afbd-14dd5cb799a6
Bucket Name         images01
File URL            https://363835c8-3728-4376-bd07-4a2cb0cc5ea9.storage.environment.edjx.network/blobs/back.svg
Size                190 B
Uploaded By
Uploaded On         2021-09-07 13:41:36.728 -0700 PDT
Last Updated        2021-09-07 13:41:36.728 -0700 PDT
Custom Headers:
Content-Type        image/svg+xml