edjx domain rules read

Provides details about a specific rules.

You must know the Rule ID to execute this command.
edjx domain rules read <rule-id> [flag]


rule-id                         Rule identifier to be read.


-d, --domain <domain-id>        Optional. Domain ID (default 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)

To view the details about a specific record within the domain:

  1. Make sure you are in the organization view.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx config organization -i
  2. View the rules assigned to the domain.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx domain rules list
  3. Copy the rule ID of the record you want to read.

  4. Execute the read command.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx domain rules read <rule-id>

Example Output

root@edjx:~ # edjx domain rules read 79afb1a1-21d1-4029-82d0-d9a7913ded63
Name                Rule1
Rule ID             79afb1a1-21d1-4029-82d0-d9a7913ded63
Match Type          Exact Match
Match Value         http://myorg.com/support?name=support
Proxy Action        Rewrite
Routing Destination http://{host}/{path}
Order               1
Created By          edjdocs
Created On          2021-10-29 10:26:31.784 -0700 PDT
Last Updated        2021-10-29 10:47:25.105 -0700 PDT
If you get an error message stating that the domain does not exist, use the edjx config domain -i command.