edjx config organization

Sets the organization ID associated with all EDJX operations.

edjx config organization <org-name::org-id> [flag]
You must use org-name::org-id or the flag when executing this command.


org-name::org-id        Name and identifier of organization to be configured. For example, myOrg::828b63b1-a3f7-445f-93b4-3647e76c3d39.


-i, --interactive       Opens an interactive prompt for you to select an organization.


root@edjx:~ # edjx config organization -i
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? Select organization:
  ▸ Org2 (4ff1cbdd-ac7a-458a-9a89-619f283a5dda)
    DocsTesting (54fd5c4e-f48c-4579-8bcd-311355d37ca4)