edjx application read

Provides detail about a specific application.

You must know the Application ID to execute this command.
edjx application read <application-id>


application-id       Application identifier to be read.

To view a list of applications assigned to your organization:

  1. Make sure you are in the organization view.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx config organization -i
  2. View the applications assigned to the organization.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx appliction list
  3. Copy the Application ID of the application you want to read.

  4. Execute the read command.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx application read [application-id]

Example Output

root@edjx:~ # edjx application read a6fe1f38-c354-494d-8f49-1cf11506e158
Name                Tracker
Application ID      a6fe1f38-c354-494d-8f49-1cf11506e158
Status              active
Number of Functions 1
Total Compute       0 GB-SEC
Total Network       0 B
Total Requests      0
Created By          edjdocs
Created On          2021-10-19 13:25:21 -0700 PDT
Last Updated        2021-10-19 13:27:56.482 -0700 PDT